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Creating An Employee Handbook

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All the hard work has been done for you. Use these handy templates. Attorney drafted, HR reviewed and professionally developed by graphic designers, you will be proud to put your name on your final policy manual. Address current topics like cell phones, email and texting, computer usage and more. From California to Texas to Florida, whether for a restaurant, a manufacturing facility or a service company, this employee manual will work for you!

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Microsoft Word™ is our primary file format for creating, editing and printing the final employee handbook. Anyone with very basic skills for working with MS Word documents can easily complete this handbook. Once completed, the file can be printed and distributed to employees. Or, the file can be distributed electronically by saving a copy in PDF file format for viewing on multiple platforms and computer devices. PDF versions can be posted on internal web sites or distributed via email.

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Our most popular state-specific templates are California, Texas, Florida, New York, Arizona and Washington. Employers from all 50 states have used our state-specific templates, with exceptionally good results.

PDF Employee Handbook

Portable Document Format, or "PDF" is a file format for documents independent of the creation software or operating system. As a result, the document can be displayed or printed on virtually any computer device. The benefit of providing your employees with a PDF version of the final employee handbook is the fact that they can review the document on a PC, MAC, mobile phone or tablet. It is simple to create the master in MS Word and save a copy as a PDF once completed.

MS Works Template

Microsoft Works™ is a simplified word-processing software, also capable of developing these employee handbooks.

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Logically organized for ease of use, topics are included for policies, procedures, employment standards, benefits, discipline and more. Many topics provide two to four options per topic (based on your preferences). Developed by HR and management professionals, this template includes options that comply with federal FMLA and EEOC requirements.

Printable, or save as PDF to post or email

Print and distribute the handbook, or save it as a PDF which can be distributed via email or posted on the web for employees with access. When printed, the product is set up to allow for 3-hole punching along the left side as well as punching or binding along the top.

Labor laws require that all businesses have written policy and enforce policies uniformly with all employees. An employee handbook is simply the best, most cost-effective method for complying with this requirement.

HR-Approved Content - See Table of Contents

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MS Word Employee Handbook Template

Sample Employee Handbook Pages

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Employee Handbook Table of Contents

These are just some of the subjects covered, which may vary by state:

Welcome to XYZ COMPANY
XYZ COMPANY Mission Statement
At-Will- Employment
Career Opportunities
Code of Conduct
Equal Opportunity Employment
Eligibility For Employment
HIPAA Notice and Privacy Practices
Part-Time Employment
Alcohol, Drugs & Illegal Substance Abuse
Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment
Employment Evaluation
Policies & Procedures
Workplace Dress Code
Medical Attention
Use Of Personal Vehicle
Commissioned Sales
Wage and Salary Disclosure
Payroll Deductions for Taxes, FICA and Medicare
Working Away From the Office
Performance & Evaluation Reviews
Gifts, Entertainment & Meals
Personal Cell Phone Calls
Text Messaging
Company Property
Company Vehicles
Company Equipment
Phone Systems, Voice Mail and Personal Calls
Computers and Related Equipment
Personal Leave of Absence
Documented Workers
Sick Leave
Personal Time
Short-Term Disability Leave
Unpaid Family & Medical Leave
Funeral Leave
Jury Duty
Military Duty
Group Medical Insurance
Worker's Compensation
Employee Discounts
Discipline Policies
Violation of Company Policy

Safety Manual - 13 pages, 31 Topics

Drug Testing Policy & Consent Form

Non-compete/Non-disclosure Agreement

Employment Resources

Wikipedia Employee Handbook Information

Employment Law Assistance For Workers & Employers

SBA Employee Handbook Information

US Department of Labor

Benefits of an employee manual

An employee handbook centralizes employment and job-related information for employees. Listing holiday schedules, company policies, procedures, and methods for disciplinary action, keeps the employee informed. New employees can quickly become aware of what to expect in the workplace. This written policy is an excellent form of communication between the employee and employer.

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