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The Process

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Downloading The Handbook Template

Depending on your payment method, you will either be taken to a download page immediately, or you will receive an email with a link to the download page.

On the download page you can click the download button of your preferred file format. Depending on how your computer system preferences are set up, the file may automatically open in your browser, or you may see a pop-up asking if you want to "Open" or "Save" the file. It is generally recommended that you "Open" the file, then "Save" the file with a name of your choice (Employee Handbook.doc or similar). You are also given the option to choose "Where" to save the file. Be sure to pay attention to the location of the file on your computer, for future access. Once saved, "Open" the file from within MS Word (or other software) to make sure your computer has properly saved the file.

Creating Your Handbook From The Template

Detailed instructions are included which will walk you through the process of quickly producing your company policy handbook. Basically you review the policies, keeping any that apply to your business and deleting others that do not apply. For some policies there are multiple options (Smoking is allowed on the premises, Smoking is not allowed on the premises, Smoking is allowed only in specific areas on the premises, and etc). Choose the option that applies and delete the others. You will find clearly marked "NOTICES" for areas that require information (phone numbers, hours, dates and etc). Complete the information, then delete the "NOTICES". You can then update the Table of Contents, deleting all the matching topics you deleted in the handbook template, applying page numbers accordingly. If you prefer to omit the Table of Contents, you can delete it all together.

Follow the instructions for Page Setup and you are ready to print and distribute. If you wish to distribute the handbook electronically, simply "Save As" a "PDF" and email or post to the company website for employee access.


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Employee Handbook Store FAQ's

Q. Are the templates updated to keep current with state and federal law?

State and federal laws are typically passed with an effective date set for the following year, to allow employers time to prepare for the new requirements. After review of these changes, our templates are updated at least once per year, assuming something has changed for the coming year.

Q. How soon will I receive my order?

A. If you purchase with a CREDIT CARD...
Immediately upon payment authorization, you will be automatically connected to a page with links to download your file. This usually takes a matter of seconds for credit card orders. Check orders may take several business days for processing. If you have questions or difficulties visit the Credit Card Orders Download Instructions & Troubleshooting page.

A. If you purchase through PAYPAL...
You are immediately sent an email confirming your purchase which includes a link to a product download page. This link is valid for only 48 Hours. If you have questions or difficulties visit the PayPal Orders Download Instructions & Troubleshooting page.

A. If you purchase with an eCheck through PAYPAL...
You are immediately sent an email confirming your purchase notifying you that you will receive another email once your check clears the bank. This can take 3 to 5 business days. The second email will include a link to a product download page. This link is valid for only 48 Hours. If you have questions or difficulties visit the PayPal Orders Download Instructions & Troubleshooting page.

Q. I get an "Error" message, what should I do?

A. There are several protection devices to protect against someone else using your "Back" button and getting to your credit card information, or repeating the order. If you enter your information and the transaction is declined, you may have made an error in your data entry. This is for your protection against fraud. You must go back to any of the site pages and click the "Order Now" buttons to start the process over.

Q. Why was my credit card declined?

We use Authorize.net as our primary credit card processing service. They have stringent safeguards in place to help avoid fraud. They tell us most rejections are caused by the address not matching the billing address for the card. They do not accept non-USA based cards. If you still experience difficulty when using a USA card and entering the correct address, you should contact your bank.

If you are using a non-USA based credit card, PayPal offers the option to purchase with your credit card, without joining or becoming a PayPal member. They do accept non-USA based cards. There are no additional costs to you for using PayPal.

Q. How does downloading work?

A. Downloading is a process of transferring a file from the internet server to your computer.

Q. What if I encounter difficulties downloading my file?

A. Visit the Contact Us page for instructions.

Q. I downloaded the file and I can't find it. Where should I look?

A. If you ordered with a CREDIT CARD and experienced difficulties with your download, click here.

A. If you ordered with PayPal and experienced difficulties with your download, click here.

A. Or, contact us for assistance.

Q. What is PayPal?

A. PayPal is an online payment processing service that allows members as well as non-members to make secure purchases with their PayPal account, credit card or checking account. It is recognized as a safe and secure, online payment processor.

Q. Do I have to become a PayPal member to process my order?

A. No, you can make a standard credit card purchase or make an online payment through your bank account with PayPal.

Q. I don't see the answer I seek. Now what?

A. Contact Customer Service for assistance. We will make every effort to respond in a timely manner. Customer Service is monitored closely during business hours Monday through Friday, Mountain Standard Time. In addition we make every effort to check before and after business hours and throughout the weekend, should you need assistance.

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