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Employee Handbook Guidelines

By Employee Handbook Store Staff Writers

What should be included in your company policy manual?

  • Written policy must be provided to employees.
  • EEOC and FMLA adherence must be included.
  • Include instructions in case of emergency.
  • Include safety policies and procedures.
  • Identify terms and conditions for employment.
  • Define policy for use of company property.
  • Outline benefits and eligibility schedules.
  • Establish policies and procedures for staff.

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Choosing an employee handbook template which offers the ability to meet these guidelines is crucial to achieving your goals for a company policy manual.

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Employee Handbook Guide

Every small business can benefit from providing written policy and procedures to employees. For most business owners this can seem like a monumental task, when in fact it can be quite easily accomplished. Like most tasks, having the right tools can make all the difference.

Guide For Creating A Small-Business Employee Handbook

Developing a company policy manual as an employee handbook is a serious matter. It defines in writing the policies, procedures and guidelines for employees. Having written policy is not only a requirement by labor law, but is a deterrent to disputes.

Options For Handbook Development

  • Use a template - it is fast, easy and inexpensive.
  • Have the HR department create one from scratch.
  • Have an attorney develop one for you.

When choosing which method is right for your company, it is important to ensure the job is done properly. Your HR department should be knowledgeable and have expertise in developing policy, if you choose this method. Legal professionals are more likely to dot all the i's and cross all the t's, but having them do all the development can be extremely costly. In the end, a pre-written template will save the most time and money. And no matter how it is developed, one can (and should) have an attorney review it before distribution. An annual review is also recommended to confirm compliance with any changing labor laws.

Guide For Using a Template

Templates include "boilerplate" topics which may require additional information (dates, hours, phone numbers and etc). Simply review each policy and fill in the blanks. The employee handbook template offered here includes over 100 topics which cover virtually all small business requirements. Many included topics may not apply, and those sections can simply be deleted. Complete instructions are included for development, printing and distribution.

Federal & State Labor Laws

Federal labor laws are the foundation for recommended employment policy. Most states adhere uniformly to these guidelines within state statutes, where applicable. The primary variation from federal guidelines comes in the area of "employee leaves" policies, including (but not limited to) pregnancy leave, jury duty, military service, familial illness and various other reasons an employee might have to take a leave of absence. The employee handbook template offered here includes specific language for each state which varies from the federal standard. This allows the user to include specific language as required by their state of origin.

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