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Create an employee handbook for your small business using templates designed specifically, state by state.


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How to create an employee handbook

Step-by-step, Easy To Follow Instructions

This template is formatted in MS Word for ease of use. Very basic skills are required to complete the information necessary to prepare your company policy manual. You can get all major topics when you place your order for an employee handbook template today at this special, low price. See additional, example employee handbook information here, with details covering all the policies you receive with your order.

Displayed here is a sampling of the instructions provided for developing your company policy manual, using our template. Included are step-by-step instructions for developing the handbook. It is very simple to edit, delete or add topics. Also included are instructions for printing on standard office printers. The template makes it easier than ever to create your employee handbook.

Examples from the handbook template...

Preparing This Handbook for Distribution

This handbook has been carefully prepared to provide a template document covering the vast majority of general business standard policies and procedures.

To customize this document specifically for your employees, simply review each section, determine the correct policy for your employees. Then add, modify or delete content to describe your company information as accurately as possible. In some cases we have given multiple options for a given section. These instances are identified with:


Choose the option that suits your needs and delete the others along with the “OPTIONS” notice.

Sections requiring information to be completed are identified with:


Items to be completed are represented with an underscore: “____________”. Select the underscore and insert the proper information in it’s place. Then delete the “INFORMATION” notice.

Your Company Name

Throughout this document you will find “XYZ COMPANY” where ever your company name should appear. You can manually replace each instance or use “find and replace” to find “XYZ COMPANY” throughout the document and replace it with “your company name”.

Your Company Logo or Text on Cover

To add your company logo to the front page, insert an appropriate graphic version as indicated on the cover page. If you wish to create the document without a logo, your company name will be inserted through the find and replace” function when performed globally for the document. If you add the logo, remove the text version. If you choose to use text, remove the instructions to “Insert Logo Here”

Graphic or Text for “Employee Handbook” on Cover

You may choose to use the graphic element for “Employee Handbook” as furnished, or use the text version as is, or modify the text to create the document title of your choice. Choose one and delete the other.

Human Resources Department?

Throughout this document you will find “the Human Resources department”. If you do not have a Human Resources department, you may wish to direct the employee to an individual, the front desk or a specific department. You can manually replace each instance or use “find and replace” to find “the Human Resources department” and replace it with “the correct contact person”.

Page Headers

Page headers are set to “Employee Handbook”. To add your company name to this header, Under the “View” menu select “Headers and Footers” and add your information to the header on Page 2 of the document.

Effective Date

Enter the effective date below the cover title or logo and remove the “Information Required” notice.

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